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The Christian Parables
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Ride along inside 12 new parables, enjoying a bible-lover’s playground where the scriptures play (WordPlay┬«). And share the twisting-n-learning rhythm of mystery-laced tales designed to excite bible study & bible memory with the symbolism of today! Free Gift at

parables_one-minFeel the fun challenge of a mystery to solve, verses to remember, and a moral to learn ALL at once! WordPlay tunes bible study to a story rhythm of Christian Parables for an interactive bible memory technique designed for the “the tablet of your heart (II Corinthians 3:3).” It’s instant fellowship for all ages where Once-upon-a-time meets In-the-beginning. And it’s where you “script your scripture without the versus of verses.” Complete every biblical adventure and earn the happy ending of even higher learning today!

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